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Hanidoll is a professional sit buy life size doll e selling rear Dutch Wife, offering ultra-low price TPE or Silicone Love Doll, has our own factory located in China, m how to make a sex simulator anufacture and transport all of them Completion by, there is no brokerage fee whatsoever. We do our best to help you get the best doll at t anatomically correct life size male dolls he lowest price. Since its opening, Lolita doll, cute love doll, cosplay love doll, mini It sells love dolls and so on, and is well received in a wide range. Now these are already hanidoll signboards. T real butt sex o thank you all, we are always holding the sexy doll discount sale events.

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customizable sex doll

Cute doll Love Doll Mi realdoll alternatives saki 65cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 23,000
customizable sex doll

Girl Love Doll Mika 65cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 23,800
customizable sex doll

Super MoE customizable sex doll Lorilla Doll Small Tits Hidemi 100cm

(3 reviews)
¥ 37,800
customizable sex doll

Lolita doll sale purple 100cm

(1 reviews)
customizable sex doll

Mail order Lolita doll Reimi 100cm

(2 reviews)
¥58,000 ¥ 36,900
customizable sex doll

Lori Laura Doll Miyahara Senjo 100cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 48,000 ¥ 36,900

Why choose hanidoll adult doll?

1. Super cheap price

In terms of price, hanidoll always makes it possible to offer the lowest prices in t ssex doll he industry. There are many products available with a budget of less than 50,000 yen. Our goal is to have as many people beautiful anime dolls as possible enjoy authentic love dolls with high COSPA!

2. Shipping is fast

Once you place an order, our factory will accept the order information and confirm it properly before proceeding t solid sex dolls o manufacturing. Finished goods are subjected to strict quality inspection. If you want, we will send you the finished picture before shipping. In the case of Japan stock, the product will be shipped in Japan (Love Doll made in China) and can be shipped on the same day if you order before 11:00 o real silicone dolls n the day. It will arrive in 1-2 days depending on the region. Please use hanidoll by all means.

3. Diversify product types

Hanidoll will sell super real love dolls fat real doll , whose categories are diver sexting simulator online sified. For example, Lorilla Doll, Girl's Love Doll, Love Dolomini, etc. Of course, there are different products. No matter what doll you like, y male of doll ou will definitely find it in our store!

4. Can be customized freely

Hanidoll offers many options to choose from when ordering dolls. flesh-color. All body parts such as milky and pubic colors can be customized. What's more, the best recommenda doll aex tion of our shop is an option called weight reduction service. Life-size love dolls are sexy girl doll usually as heavy as 30-40kg, and such heavy dolls are not very convenient to carry or realistic silicone sex dolls use. However, with hanidoll, you can dsex toys significantly reduce weight while keeping the shape and silicon sexdolls function of the doll. Now, the depreciation service is available for free! Be sure to be fast!

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Very popular category

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popular love doll hanidoll

Hanidoll is the most popular love doll, listed in order by sales and popularity. Don't miss it!

customizable sex doll

Love Doll Real Doll with customizable sex doll Eyes Small Tits Yuki 100cm

(1 reviews)
customizable sex doll

cute love doll mail o adult sex simulator rder DUCTWAIFF Natsuno 115cm

(2 reviews)
¥ 48,000
customizable sex doll

Cute love doll with legs half body warm

(1 reviews)
¥ 49,500
customizable sex doll

temptation play love doll torso everyone ami 103cm

(5 reviews)
¥ 51,500
customizable sex doll

Love doll loli lumi 125 cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 51,800
customizable sex doll

Torso Big companionship robots Sento 26KG

(2 reviews)
¥ 59,800
customizable sex doll

Adult Love Doll True 140cm

(3 reviews)
¥ 63,500
customizable sex doll

Bishoujo MoE Love Doll erotic Miyuk japanese style sex i 148cm

(2 reviews)
¥ 69,500
customizable sex doll

Love Doll Sex Mizuki 148cm

(3 reviews)
¥86,000 ¥ 64,800

What is a love doll?

Speaking of Love Doll or Dutch Wife, many people think about love dolls in this way by recalling gay male sex dolls a balloon shaped doll. The love doll of this era has bec male silicone sex doll ome a super real love doll (sex doll) that looks, figure and feel perfec booty sex doll tly matches with real women. The main purpose is to entertain men with simulated sexual intercourse, and can be used in a variety of other ways, such realistic silicone dolls as pets, watching or shooting models. Its pubic and entire skin are made of premium materials that are close to humans, and the feeling of use is similar to real women. You can a small real dolls lso keep the body and change the head. With a metal skeleton inside, you can express all human poses. In other words, you can enjoy any position in sex.

Small love doll products are now being announced!

Mini Love Dolls such as 100cm and 100cm Love Dolls - 128cm Love Dolls are here. It is small in size, convenient to move around, and can easily achieve a pos sex bots ture that you can't normally do

customizable sex doll

Close your eyes and Dutch Wifreal Sumiko 125 cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 51,800
customizable sex doll

Baby Face Lolita Doll Super Akana 128cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 53,000
customizable sex doll

so cute lorilla doll maihana 130cm

(4 reviews)
¥ 77,500 ¥ 55,000
customizable sex doll

Beautiful wedding dress bride cheap love doll Kasumi 140cm

(2 reviews)
¥ 63,500

What you don't know about love dolls

1. How to make a love doll

The production flow of love dolls is very complex. Its raw materials are mainly TPE or silicon. Collect data such as three sizes of various body types and make molds using 3D printing metho talking blow up dolls d. Then, with the metal skeleton of the rubbed doll inside, the liquid TPE or silicon can be poured into the mold and removed after the cooling operation is complete realistic japanese sex doll . After you put it out, you have to do a variety of other elaborate processing. Head and face makeup are applied to professional love doll craftsmen, and flocking also creates a real Dutch Wif love doll for women e that looks like a real woman.

2. How to choose love doll material

The material of the love doll can be divided into three types: whole TPE, whole silicon and silicon head+TPE body. After reading the content below, it will b sexy dall e clear which one to choose.

(1) Excellent points of TPE:


As a medical grade material, TPE is a harmless material to humans and is always used in medical equipment.

  • cheap

With the advancement of manufacturing technology, the price of TPE raw materials has always been calm .


Very soft, feels good when you touch, feels like yo adult female dolls u want to see a real human

  • resilient

It is also thanks to this that the elasticity is excellent and the touch is good.

(2) Disadvantages:

  • smells slightly

It's normal to smell when it eex doll 9;s just done. Leave it outside and leave it for two days and the smell will disappear immediately .

  • oil bleed

When stored for a longer time, a little oil bleed occurs. Normally, baby powder can be used to relieve oil bleed.

  • Longevity is relatively short

The use of TPE love dolls is less, and if maintenance is done properly, 5 ye the making of real dolls ars are limited.

(3) Silicon's excellent points:


Silicone is a safe, safe and harmless material.

  • Withstands high temperatures

Silicone is not afraid of high temperatures, and even if the doll maker sexy water is hot when cleaning it is ok .

  • Can make makeup more elaborate

Silicone is relatively hard, so it's easy to apply makeup. So you can make it more elaborate. Moreover, you can keep the makeup you put on for a long time .

  • Can be flocked

The silicone head is hard, so it is possible to perform hair flocking

  • Long service life

If the use of silicon love dolls is relatively high and maintenance is good, it can be used for at least 5 y silicone love doll ears

(4) Disadvantages:

  • High price

Silicone raw materials are high in price. Moreover, the processing flow is more complicated

  • The touch is harder than TPE

It feels a little harder than TPE love doll.

  • smells slightly

It's normal to smell when it's just done. Leave it outside and leave it for two days and the smell will disappear immediately.

  • oil bleed

When stored for a longer time, a little oil bleed occurs. No tpe doll shop rmally, baby powder c silicone dolls full body an be used to relieve oil female rubber torso bleed.

(5) Silicone head+TPE body:

Combining the excellent points of silicone and TPE, the silicone head makes the face more realistic and exquisite makeup, and soft touch with only TPE bod humanoid sexbot y, says it is the best combination of COSPA It would be nice too.

Lighter Love Doll

Hanidoll provides free love doll best sex doll ever depreciation service. The lightweight love doll is very convenient to store and transport!

customizable sex doll

Big Boobs Real Doll M offline sex emulator ature Woman Kie 170cm

(3 reviews)
¥ 88,000
customizable sex doll

Adult HUMI Love Doll Rumi 162cm

¥ 102,000 ¥ 80,800
customizable sex doll

Obese buttocks love doll sex emulator 2 Hoshino 161cm

(4 reviews)
¥ 100,500
customizable sex doll

Big Boobs Love Doll Erotic Dutch Wife Yukina 170cm

(1 reviews)
¥ 108,000 ¥ 86,900

You should read before buying a love doll

How to use boudol

Love Doll is a toy that can satisfy libido as a sex doll, and can be used with more than 3 holes, also can be used for paisuri sex with realdoll . Besides sexual intercourse, it has also been widely applied in the fields of photography, cosplay real love doll and figure collection. Exactly a new age adult barbie doll

How to clean after using a love doll?

Cleaning after using the love doll is very important as part of maintenance. I wo realistic love dolls uld like to introduce the cleaning method in mini love doll review detail from now on.

The tools you need to clean are as sex dolls online follows:

Avoid washing with alcohol, gasoline and even disinfectants. These are all products that corrode the doll. If clean water and body soap are unable to remove stai harmony real doll ns, you can use olive oil or other oils to wash them on cosmetic cotton. sex doll torsos It is recommended only to use color paste, except for staining on a large area. When washing, remove the doll head first to avoid damaging the doll's face makeup. And you j japanese realistic dolls ust need to wash the water with a bath on the doll. Simply put, doll washing is almost the same as our own bathing. Wipe lig anime sex robot htly with a wet towel, but cold water is not recommended. If in winter, preferably with hot water, the water temperature to wash the doll wi the real doll company ll always match the human body temperature, you need to measure how high the temperature is Yes, you can tr buy silicone sex doll y it by hand.

And we will talk about wa ultimate pleasure robots shing the vagina of the doll, in the addition of the doll there is a vaginal cleanser, put water in the cleanser and press it love dolls for men with force, the dirt in the vagina is washed out under the pressure of the washing machine. If you are having trouble, simply unplug the front edge of the shower and w real made sex ash it on the handle. You can use fastidious things a lot, tpe mini doll but try to keep things that are herbaceous and neutral. The mouth part is the same as the vagina, just squeeze and wash, s lifelike japanese dolls o of course you can wash it as it is when you take a bath.

Finally, care for doll wigs is also important. If you buy a love doll, you need to know what you need to do about doll care. Hair needs care as well. If you are troublesome, we recommend bundling d life size sex toy oll hair. Wash wigs at least once every 2 months. I buy love doll t's good if you do just like washing your hair. The difference is that you jus bbw sex doll t need to rub it lightly, rather than round. If you want more care, you can use the conditioner for about three m little sex doll inutes, and you can dry it naturally. love dolls on ebay If you think it's troublesome, tie a ponytail.

How to store love dolls

There are three ways to preserve love dolls:


Place it on a soft duvet or cushion to store it (If you are afraid of someone else's visit, we recommend a professional love doll storage bench.)

2. Stand up and save

If your love doll is self-treated, it's okay to stand and store it. (Please wear thick socks and shoes by all means. (otherwise it will damage the floor)

3. Hang it with a hook to store

Attach the hook to the metal of the love doll neck and hang it inside the shelf. Lov male adult dolls e dolls are heavy, so make sure to be flesh doll for sale a sturdy shelf. Also make sure the hooks are genuine.

NOTICE: Please do not wear d free browser sex simulator ark color clothes when storing love doll. Because there is a risk of color fading. Please also avoid direct UV rays and sunlight in the stor age area